Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

Some games for kids are instantly popular, like the popular phone application game Angry Birds, which is in fact a game for all ages. Now here it is finally, the Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game, board game style. With the phone application game, the green pigs steal the birds’ eggs and the birds want their eggs back. They go after the pigs (by being shot at them via slingshot) and by getting rid of or knocking down the structures, which are intended to keep the pigs safe.

Angry Birds knock on wood game in action
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With the board game, the goal is still the same. Tear down the structures and take care of those pesky pigs! The fight between the birds and those pigs continues to rage on in this game of patience and strategy. In this fun game, the players will have to take a card, create a structure from the blocks provided and then attempt to destroy those structures. To start, players take a card and then create the structure that the card tells him to build. Once the structure is finished, the next player gets to launch his bird at it in an attempt to tear down the structure and advance in the game.

The basic premise behind the game’s goal is similar to the original angry birds app version. By using the birds in Mattels Angry Bird board game (#ad: Amazon),  each player (the game supports 2 to 4 players) has an opportunity to advance to the next level by destroying the castle created by the other player. The cards have different building levels on them for ideas and when players reach the fourth level, they’re introduced to the ability to build a structure of their choice rather than following a card.

Each card (and each structure) gives the players the potential for a certain number of points they can accumulate. The tougher the card, the more points that are available to get. The bird launcher is used to launch 1 of the 3 Angry Birds at the structures that’s housing one or more of the 4 pigs – and players can earn a bonus star or bonus egg.

Mattel’s angry birds for kids is a rapid paced game that will raise the stakes as one player tries to build his structure before his opponent sends an Angry Bird to stop the progress! The game angry birds includes 3 of the popular Angry Birds, the green pigs, the launcher in the shape of a slingshot, the pieces to build the structures and the mission cards.

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Just in case you were wondering, this angry birds gameplay is indeed as addicting as the phone application and will give your family hours of fun and laughter together.

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