Cool Avengers Costumes For Kids

From the time that they’re toddlers, boys love pretending to be superheroes, don’t they? With the Avengers costumes for kids they can imagine of defeating the villains and saving the day. There’s something magical in a superhero and kids recognize that magic. Now, you can give them Avengers costumes. Kids can play with to spur their crime fighting imaginations with a collection of superheros.

Batman Avengers costumes for kids

The Thor Costume For Kids

Thor is a hero who happens to be a god. He is from a planet called Asgard and protects humans from things that would harm them. He has the ability to use the weather to help him fight his battles and is known for his incredible strength. Mjolnir is the hammer that he carries and he uses it to wield his mighty power. No human has the ability to lift Thor’s hammer. The Marvel Avengers Assemble Titan Hero Series Thor 12″ Action Figure is a replica of the hero and also a favorite toy for boys. The kids costumes come in black and red cape, some with or without Thor’s hammer and helmet, so keep an eye on that.

Thor Avengers costume
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The Iron Man For Kids Costume

The Iron Man hero came to life because of Tony Stark. The wealthy businessman created a suit of armor in order to help save his own life after he was injured. The powerful suit later became his identity as a super hero. Tony Stark, as Iron Man, fought unwillingly at first, side by side with Thor in the Avengers movie. The toy Iron Man in the Avengers Series Marvel Assemble Titan Hero Iron Man 12″ Action Figure has an identical red and gold suit of armor created by Tony Stark.

iron man halloween costume kids
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The Avengers Captain America Costume

Captain America is also part of the Avengers franchise. This character changed into a strong super soldier after he took serum that toughened and bulked him up. He’s known for his red, white, and blue superhero outfit. Your boy will also like to play with the Marvel Avengers Assemble Titan Hero Series Captain America 12-inch Figure, it is like the hero in the movie and comes complete with the shield. Some super heroes have remained legends for years.

Captain America child costume
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More Avengers kids costumes …

Among those is Spiderman. This crime fighting hero burst onto the scene after a bite from a radioactive spider gave him incredible powers. The Marvel Ultimate Spider-man Titan Hero Series Spider-man 12-inch Figure is also a good buy and a durable toy for kids aged 4 and up. The figure comes dressed in the red and blue costume with the spider design on the front.

When he was a little boy, Bruce Wayne saw both of his parents murdered. That traumatic event caused the boy to grow up to become Batman because he was determined that those who committed crimes would be brought to justice. The Batman Figure is dressed in the blue and gray costume. It also has the gold bat belt around the waist and the bat symbol on the chest of the costume, making it a favorite with fans.

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