If You Buy Pie Face Game You Won’t Be Disappointed

When a friend recommended to buy Pie Face Game I gave it a try and really this was one of the funniest games we ever played.  The Hasbro game offers up one of the funniest experiences with board games for children that you’ll ever have. It’s not complicated to play and everyone will want in on the fun. It is one of the hottest games for kids to hit the market.

if you buy Pie Face Game your kids will lots of fun
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To play the game, all the players have to do is put some whipped cream on the arm of the game. Once the whipped cream is loaded onto the arm, each person playing the game will put his head into the mask. The mask has a cut out center for the player’s face and along the sides, it features cartoon like hair, ears and splats of whipped cream around the figure. After the player puts his head into the open face mask, they then spin the spinner.

Each of the players will take turns moving the handle that’s a plastic piece that’s attached to the bottom of where the mask fits. This handle creates tension with the spinner, which causes the arm of the game to tighten up. And the arm keeps tightening up until one player spins the handle and the load of whipped cream goes flying. That player ends up getting whipped cream sprung at him all over his face.

You never know which player is going to be the one that ends up with the whipped cream because it all depends on the tension of the spinner. It could be anyone who receives the surprise face full of whipped cream.

The pie on your face game is so hilarious that all your friends will want to get in on the fun. One of the things that makes this game one where there’s so much laughter is the suspense of not knowing who’s going to get the face full of whipped cream.

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The whipped cream in the game is not included so you’ll have to use some that you have at home. The best kind to use is the kind that comes in a spray can because it stays firmer longer.

If you don’t want to get whipped cream or pie in your face, you can use the sponge that comes with the pie throwing game. All you have to do is wet this down with water and put it on the arm instead of whipped cream.

  • The players earn a point each time they get through their turn without getting splatted.
  • The first player to end up with 25 points wins the game.
  • The game comes with a spot to rest your chin, the arm that you load the whipped cream onto, the colorful face mask, the spinner and the sponge.
  • It’s suitable for kids older than 5 as well as for adults.

Playing games as a family or with your friends can be a great way to relax and have some fun – especially after a long day. The funnier the game, the more you’ll laugh and laughter is a great way to not only relieve stress, but to bond with the people that you care about.

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