3 Good Geography Toys For Children

How sure are you of your geographical knowledge and what about your kids? I think we can help children gain a greater understanding of the world through geography toys.

There are a number of kids geography games and toys on the market.

best learning toys
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There is for example the iTikes Map by Little Tikes. When you buy the map, it comes with many exciting features and by adding an apple device with the corresponding app, you can unlock even more features.

First, let’s look at the features of the stand-alone toy. The LittleTikes map comes with a set of six maps that include interesting facts for each category. It includes an US map that teaches state geography and fun facts about all the U.S. states. There are world maps of cats, dogs and other pets, a world music map, a map about the solar system and a prehistoric map of North America featuring dinosaurs.

The Little Tikes iTikes Map (#ad) on Amazon comes with a smart pen accessory that’s attached to it. By using the pen, your child can unlock interesting facts from the map. It also includes interactive quizzes to encourage your child to memorize the information found on it.

The map has large display and the entire toy is 11 inches by 17 inches. This gives plenty of space for the information and graphics of the map. It’s large enough to give a great display, but it’s just the right size for setting on your child’s lap.

The toy does require three AAA batteries, so make sure you have a supply ahead of time if you’re planning to give this gift on Christmas morning. Even without adding an app, your child will have hours of fun with this toy. This toy is recommended for preschoolers and toddlers aged three to four, but even younger kids will have fun playing with it.

The map comes with a holder that can accommodate an iPhone or iTouch device. You can also download the app that goes with the map. This is much less expensive than other similar electronic toys. On the con side I have to admit that we had some issues with the iPhone holder and also with the cover after a couple of month.

Other preschool educational toys for learning geography.

LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive World Map
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There is for example the “talking” LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe (#ad: discover more on Amazon.com) where kids can discover fascinating facts about continents, countries, capitals, music, currencies, highest points and much more.

Or if you prefer a real map style, there is the LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive World Map “#ad: click to see on Amazon, size 35 inches by 20 inches, where kids can explore landmarks, review map symbols, find fun facts and play games with the whole family.

As a parent, you’ll be thrilled that you don’t have to assemble anything with these particular childrens learning toys . They come out of the box ready to go. You’ll also love that as your child plays, he or she is gaining knowledge about the world around them.

They are great choices for Christmas if you have little explorers in your family.

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