Monopoly Millionaire Board Game

At home we are all Monopoly fans. Over time we tried some other Monopoly game variations just to find out that most are just duplicates with a different theme.

But the rules of the Monopoly Millionaire board game make this one play differently. This is a new twist on the classic board game that most of us grew up playing in our homes. But you’ll find that this version is more up to date and has a few changes.

Monopoly Millionaire Board Game
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How do you play Monopoly Millionaire?

  • First, you’ll notice that all of the properties are much more expensive than the original version of the game. But just like the original version you’ll buy properties, houses, and hotels. But you’ll also find a fortune card on each property.
  • Instead of just one playing piece, you can play with up to three different ones. Your piece gets upgraded as you make more money. As you move around the board, you get the opportunity to purchase properties, but it can also give you more opportunity to change your fortune.
  • In the case of the Monopoly Millionaires game, the Chance cards and Millionaire Lifestyle cards can completely reverse your fortune – for better or worse. You’ll also enjoy a retooled banking tray that doesn’t require one player to become the banker.
  • As you play Millionaire, you’ll notice that the object of the game is also different. In this game, the first player to earn a million dollars automatically becomes the winner. You won’t have to go through a lengthy process to determine the winner.

This game is recommended for two to four players at the age of eight and above. Younger children might be able to play if they join a team with an older player such as a parent or older sibling.

Family game nights are a great way to spend time together having fun. If you’re tired of the old versions of Monopoly that you own, it’s time to get a fresh and new take on this family favorite. The revamped board, property values, and a few extra twists and turns elevate this game of Monopoly and bring it into the 21st century. It’s similar enough to the old version that you’ll feel some familiarity, but it’s different enough to provide some surprises.

Yes, games for kids make great gifts for the holidays.

While you can always purchase this game for your family, it’s also a great choice when you need to give a family gift for relatives or friends.

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If you’re looking for a great family game, this is a wonderful item. The Monopoly millionaire game will provide your family with hours of game playing fun allowing you to spend quality time together right at home.

Family game night will get a little more entertaining when you introduce the new Monopoly game.

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