5 Top Girls Toys For Sweet Little Smiles

While boys and girls like to play the same games and share many toys, sometimes the traditional top girls toys are all your little one wants. The key is to make your child happy, so here are my five gift ideas when keeping girl toys in mind.

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Gift IdeasBudgetAge
checkpricingLEGO Friends
Dolphin Cruiser
Medium6-12 years
checkpricingThe Barbie Sisters' Life in
The Dreamhouse Camper
High3-10 years
checkpricingMonster High Freaky
Fusion Catacombs Playset
Medium6-15 years
checkpricingThe 3 story
Barbie Dream House
High3-9 years
checkpricingThe Disney Frozen
Royal Sisters Doll
Low3-12 years
Lego Friends dolphin cruiser play set
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The LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser is a great building play set and definitely among the top toys for 6 year old girls, but kids up to 12 like to play with it alike.

Lego Friends dolphin cruiser play set has 612 pieces and can be put together easily. The yacht is large and can be left open without the top so that kids can play inside the boat. The boat has different rooms within it – including a bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom.

It also has a front deck and a captain’s spot for maneuvering the yacht. There is a waterski for the three figurines to use as well as a jetski. Dolphins, fish, food, glasses and lounges are included as well. This Lego Friends cruiser is compatible with other LEGO sets.

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Barbie Sisters' Life in The Dreamhouse Camper
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No question, the Barbie doll collection is among the most popular girls toys and there are plenty of fun accessories that you can buy for it. My tip on great top toys for 3 year old girls (and older) is The Barbie Sisters’ Life in The Dreamhouse Camper.

The Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Camper set is an exciting addition that has plenty of play fun. The camper has a table and chairs and a kitchen complete with a stove, refrigerator and shelves. There’s also a television and bed. Plus, the camper is equipped with a shower and a toilet.

Barbie and her sister or friends can sit around the included campfire and toast marshmallows, which are also included. The camper has the ability to be turned into a pool – making this 2-in-1 toy a great buy.

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Catacombs Playset
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For any girl who’s a fan of the Monster High dolls, the Monster High Freaky Fusion Catacombs Playset is a must-have. This set features the catacombs that exist underneath the school. The catacombs are roomy enough that it can house at least 15 dolls. When you spin the table, freaky eyes will show up to add to the spooky glamour of the set. The Monster High Freaky Fusion doll house comes with lab tables and a chair, dining chairs and settees.

Plus, it has school items – such as textbooks, notebooks, a laptop and pen. It also has skeleton torches, cupcakes, a bowl and a mug. There are numerous doll clips so that you can position your collection of Monster High dolls. This is one of the girls toys for age 6 to 15.

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3 story Barbie Dream House
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The 3 story Barbie Dream House is one of the top toddler girl toys with lots of features that enable any fashion doll to live in glamorous style. The elevator can carry dolls from floor to floor.

There are working lights as well as a doorbell. In the new Barbie Dream House the bathroom has a toilet with flushing sounds as well as a shower. In the kitchen, there are a table and chairs, food, dishes, appliances and a blender. The television can switch to different channels.

In the bedroom, there’s a canopy bed, a trundle bed and a pet bed. The roomy closet is spacious enough for Barbie to hang up her clothes. Little girls will love owning this traditional doll toy. It´s huge, 40 inches wide and 43 inches high, but the Barbie Dream House price is high too.

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Disney frozen anna and elsa dolls
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The Disney Frozen Royal Sisters Doll featuring Anna and Elsa are one of the hottest and fastest selling toys on the market. Made popular by the blockbuster kids’ movie, these dolls are on every girls Christmas toys wish list.

The Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa dolls are wearing beautiful ball gowns and the tiaras befitting their royal status, the dolls will quickly become a girl’s favorite fashion doll. Little girls age 3 and above will love this pair of princesses.

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Hope you enjoyed my list with the top girls toys 🙂

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