5 Top Rated Baby Toys That Are Excellent Choices

I have recently become godmother to my friends little baby. Yes, it’s an honor and I want to take the chance to share my findings about top rated baby toys with you.

Babies aren’t hard to shop for. They’ll pretty much take anything we give them as long as they can chew on it.

But as a parent, we want more for our kids, and that means investing in toys that are safe, that teach or entertain our kids and if possible should be eco-friendly too.

Top rated baby toys for the little ones

Here are 5 awesome baby toys that you’ll feel good about buying for your babies.

My #1 in Developmental Baby Toys:

developmental baby toys VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is among the top rated baby walkers. This is a baby toy that will grow along with your baby.

When your baby is still very young, you can have the removable play panel as an on-the-floor toy. Or, you can take it along with him in your vehicle.

As baby grows, it can be used to help him master his walking skills. The toy has five brightly colored piano keys that play a Do Re Mi Fa So La sound.

Below that, the V Tech sit to stand learning walker has spinning rollers to entertain baby and buttons that will make noises.

The toy has a music mode with buttons that light up. There’s also a telephone that babies love to pretend to talk on.

Besides being a great item for play, this toy helps babies with the development of learning their colors and numbers. Babies love lights and colors and when a toy has a combination of both, it quickly becomes a favorite. The recommended age is 9 months to 3 years. #ad: Read what other customers have to say on A m a z o n!

My #2 in Baby Developmental Toys:

baby developmental toys Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
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Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes. Using brightly colored toys during playtime can help your baby develop his visual awareness of colors. The Baby Einstein music toy can help with this development – plus the sound helps entertain as well as soothe babies.

There are a total of seven classical melodies that play with this toy, and babies can easily change it by pressing the button. It does come with volume control, so parents can keep the sound to a minimum if needed. The toy has an easy-to-grip handle that suits little hands perfectly. #ad: Check out Baby Einstein on A m a z o n!

My #3 in Best Baby Learning Toys:

best baby learning toys VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight
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The VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight has entertaining light and sound. It makes five different funny animal noises and also has lights that will cycle through five colors.

The VTech spin & learn color flashlight has an easy to grip handle with a ladybug that will speak when baby pushes the ladybug’s body. The toy introduces your baby to his numbers and can help him learn to count up to three. The batteries are included.

Little kids love it, but it´s also a bit overstimulating as the lights and sounds always come together. (#ad) The VTech spin and learn flashlight  – more info at  A m a z on.

My #4 in Interactive Baby Toys:

interactive baby toys Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Poppity Pop Musical Dino
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Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Poppity Pop Musical Dino will become one of your baby’s favorite toys. This is a cute interactive learning toy that also entertains.

There are six balls with the Go Baby Go poppity pop musical dino that will gently pop out or roll away and baby will retrieve it and put the ball back into the dinosaur.

The toy has eight different songs along with sound effects. It helps with your baby’s hand and eye coordination as well as with his motor skills. (#ad) The Fisher Price musical dino (A m a z o n).

My #5 in Baby Ball Toys:

baby ball toys Baby Einstein Bendy Ball
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Baby Einstein Bendy Ball. Balls are always good baby toys to play with. They enjoy throwing them, squeezing them and seeing the bright colors.

The Baby Einstein Ball is made from soft, bendable plastic that baby can squeeze, throw and explore. The design of the bendy ball makes it easy for babies to be able to hold onto it.

The ball comes with a ball in the toy that babies can watch move around and hear as the ball moves. (#ad) This baby toy – check price on A m a z o n.

All these top toys for babies are cute and fun for your little one, but not all will offer the same benefits, so shop wisely!

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P.S. Next time it´s all for girls, please follow me to my next article on the top girls toys.