Play And Fun Toys For Two Year Old Girls

Today I will show you some great toys for two year old girls that will delight your child from toddler stage to kindergarten. You can start early to help the transition from toddler to preschool an easy and fun experience.

play and fun toys for two year old girls

My #1 In Top Toys For 2 Year Old Girls:

The Fisher-Price Little People Preschool Set (#ad: Amazon). In the beginning, your child will love the colorful and musical features of this Fisher-Price toy.

Then, the educational factors will join the play and fun and actually teach them about what preschool will be all about. The students in the preschool even have their own spots on a rug – just like in real school.

There are over 35 sounds, phrases and songs that will add so much to the experience and make them laugh with delight.

best toys for a 2 year old girl fisher price little people school
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All the child has to do is press the buttons on the rug to make all types of music, lights and phrases come to life.

Your child can make the dinosaur roar, cause bubbles to gurgle when they come from an aquarium and even make the school’s hamster cage squeak.

There’s a slide for playtime where they can let Eddie and Mia take turns sliding down – and even the teacher can take a turn if they want.

The complete Fisher Price Musical Preschool comes with the entire school, Mia, Eddie, teachers and a table and 4 chairs.

The “rug” on the schoolroom floor is magical. Each spot on the rug has a button that produces a different sound and each sound can be linked together to create a new and different song.

Beginning preschool is a momentous occasion in your child’s life. You can whet their appetites for going and joining in the fun by providing the Fisher Price Little People Musical Preschool. They’ll be begging to go to school.

As usual, Fisher Price has designed the little people playset especially for very young ones. Edges are buffed so there’s no danger from sharp edges. There’s even an on-off button for sound and two positions for loudness on the bottom of the toy so the parents can control the noise.

This toy for 2 year old girl will also build their confidence for the first day of school that can be so intimidating for some. You may want to enhance the experience of the Fisher Price Little People Musical Preschool by checking out Amazon (#ad) for more Fisher Price toys for two year old kids.

My #2 In Top Toys For 2 Year Old Girl:

top toys for 2 year old melissa and doug dress up dolls
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The Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dress Up set features two wooden dolls, Abby and Emma.

A bestselling hit is the Melissa & Doug Abby & Emma Deluxe Magnetic Dress-Up Set (#ad: Amazon).

Each doll does come with a stand. There are 56 clothing items that as your child rearranges the combinations can provide multiple outfits and hours of fun play.

If you want to help your child learn the alphabet, a great way to do that is with the Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet set that features 52 letters.

You get both the upper as well as the lower set for the alphabet. These letters are just the right size for small hands and can make learning words and reading fun. The magnetic dress up is a great set and among my girls top toys ages two and up.

My #3 and best toy for 2 year old girl:

best toys for a 2 year old girl little tikes get out n grill
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it´s one of the newest offerings from Little Tikes is the Little Tikes Get Out n’ Grill Kitchen Set (#ad: Amazon).

The Little Tikes Grill set has the look of stone and includes a sink as well as a cooking burner on either side. When children turn the knobs, the grill will make a sound.

Beneath the grill, cabinets can hold the play items that come with the toy. These items include buns, a set of tongs, a spatula, ketchup bottle, hotdog and hamburger.

The Little Tikes barbecue can be utilized indoor or outdoor and is suitable for kids, both girls and boys 2-5 years of age.

I hope you enjoyed the article and got some inspiration on gifts and toys for a 2 years old girl. Next time I will show you my findings on toys for age 3 to 4.

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